Take control of the time and money on your projects.
Real-Time, Start-to-Finish.

FieldJack gives you all the tools you need for the field,
wherever you are.

Real Time Job Costing

FieldJack profiles unique tools to keep you updated on just what you need to keep your project on budget. From the moment you start a project, you crew enters time and materials on site, which gives you a real time snapshot of what is happening in the field.

Change Orders

The only sure thing about a project is that it will change. So creating change orders is quick and easy. FieldJack will send the change order via email to your client for immediate approval, and once approved it will quickly turn into a project for completion.


Creating contracts just got a whole lot easier with FieldJack. Turn an estimate into a contract in one step, complete with your customized deliverables and terms, a payment schedule and you are ready to present to your client in no time at all.

Smart Phone Time Entry

Field Jack makes any internet enabled phone an electronic time card. Employees enter time and materials against a specific job and task as they incur them. It all gives you a real time status of the time on your project.


Field Jack offers incredibly easy to use “electronic signatures” for estimates, change orders and contracts. With a click, your estimate is sent via email for their review, and with a initial on their end, Field Jack marks it approved. You may never print another estimate again (but you still can if you want to.)


When the job is complete, creating that final invoice takes just a click. You can print or email a PDF file right from within FieldJack.